Explaining the VRsignal

Are you tired of another zero-news article on the launch of htc’s VIVE or the preordering for the Rift? But at the same time you don’t want to miss out on those opportunities?

Now you can stop F5ing Reddit and still be sure to be one of the first to read relevant news or throw money at your screen: connect to the signal. The VRsignal knows.

The idea is simple: a free community project were a handful of passionate VR enthusiasts from around the globe are there to pull the trigger as soon something big is happening.

And while we’re all waiting, why not have some fun? The VRsignal’s theme is heavily inspired by the book Ready Player One – if you haven’t read it yet: don’t hesitate, it’s awesome!

A free community project with a few simple rules.

Highly focussed, fast and reliable

We have a few handpicked gunters who challenge each other to be the first to trigger the signal on several different frequencies (see below). Everyone else can connect to the signal and get notified as soon as it’s activated.

To prevent spam and more zero-news news, each frequency can only be triggered once and then never again. Thus making the VRsignal a highly focussed, fast and reliable source.

But the project has a little twist: for the signal to be quick, it needs little to none moderation. That’s why we have an application process for the gunters, because once they’re unlocked and gained access to the VRsignal backend, they are able to trigger the signal on their own.

Let’s see how trust and respect work out in this case. As a safety net – apart from the selective application process – the gunter's Twitter handle or Reddit username is burned in the signal and publicly visible if triggered.

The frequencies

As I’ve mentioned there are several frequencies on the VRsignal. For each successful trigger a gunter is rewarded with points, moving her or him up on the high scores.

Those are the frequencies which are currently available. If you’re missing something, just let me know.

I can’t wait to watch this community experiment evolve. Let me know if you’ve got any ideas or comments. And if you haven’t already done it: connect to the VRsignal or even apply as a gunter! See you in the metaverse.

?! Discussions

Wan’t to discuss the project on Reddit? Best to use this post.

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